The SoundHouse offers pupils the ability to compose their own music with music loop software, sequencing software and music notation software. In addition, pupils are able to create videos (with sound tracks) using the school's digital video cameras and video editing software. Available software includes:

  • Acid Pro - Create your own compositions and sound tracks with pre-recorded Music Loops. Anyone can do this, you do not have to be a musician!
  • Fruity Loops - Create your own Music Loops for use in Acid.
  • Sound Forge - Wave editor to edit sound loops.
  • Vegas Video - Easy-to-use and very powerful software for video editing.
  • Cubasis - Sequencer for mutli-track recording of midi and audio compositions.
  • Finalé - Music scoring software for writing out and printing music.
The SoundHouse has 14 workstations with state-of-the-art Pentium 4s. Additional features include:

  • SoundBlaster Audigy II Platinum Cards - Amazing range of Midi Sounds, inputs for Midi Devices, FireWire (Digital Cameras), Microphones and Headphones.
  • Midi Keyboards - 4 Octave Roland Midi input device with Sustain Pedal.
  • DVD Writer - 1 PC has a DVD writer to write DVDs or CDs of videos or music files which have been created.


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