RN Koster - SA Schools A 2006

Nick Koster is the first Bishops boy to make the South African Schools A rugby side since 1994 and only the second Grade 11 Bishops boy to make the South African Schools A side ever. One of his dorm-mates, Thomas Clark, held a brief interview with him.

Clark:   Whom do you admire most in the sporting world and why?

Koster: Jonny Wilkinson, because I believe that commitment and dedication are the main qualities that a sportsman needs and Jonny Wilkinson may not be the most talented player in the world, but his mind is in the right place.

Clark:   What are your dreams?

Koster: My biggest dream is to play for the Springboks and, if I get there, to make a difference in world rugby history. In addition, to have my brother [J-P, matric 2005] by my side if I get there would be magic.

Clark:   How do you feel Bishops has done this season?

Koster: We (the 1st team) have surprised spectators by playing brilliant rugby and, in my opinion, the main reason is because we are like fifteen brothers and will do anything for our team-mates and school. The courage of our forwards, combined with our “all-electric” backline, has stunned people - including ourselves. It is indeed an honour to play with my fifteen brothers.

Clark:   What are the qualities a rugby team needs?


  • Flair/skill in the backline
  • Passion and heart in the forwards
  • Generally good communication
  • Commitment
  • Good coaching
  • Brotherly relationship among players

Clark:   What are your interests/hobbies?

Koster: I enjoy spending time with family, I enjoy being around friends, I enjoy having a good time in the boarding house and living every day as if it’s the last.

And a final comment from the man-boy:

“One of the most important steps I have taken towards reaching my dream is being modest, because there is always someone better and everything can end in the snap of a finger. What I have achieved to date is a mere taste of what I hope to achieve. My next goal is to be included in the SA under 19 squad that goes to Ireland at the end of the year, and, if it's God's will for me to go further, then I shall never forget my roots, the friends that have stuck by me through thick and thin and obviously my family.”

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