Bishops Ditikeni Empowerment Trust

The Bishops Ditikeni Empowerment Trust is an instrument set up jointly by Bishops and Ditikeni, (an investment company for 20 NGOs working in poor communities with stable, non-profit organisations with proven track records of service), to provide for those members of the Bishops family who have the need to meet the conditions of the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Act of 2003, and for Ditikeni to gain access to a large pool of potential investments which the BDET can pursue. There were mutual benefits – Bishops could offer to member of the Bishops family an empowerment vehicle whose benefits would flow to Bishops to assist our diversity and development needs, while at the same time giving Ditikeni the chance for ‘deal flow’ – access to a pool of people who might need such a vehicle. The benefits of the Trust would be shared 50 -50 between Bishops and Ditikeni, and the Bishops portion would be used for support black bursary boys and black teachers. Investec agreed to commit up to R200 million to support this opportunity, and while it is understood that it may be a number of years before any tangible benefits come to Bishops, it was felt that even just developing awareness of the need for diversity and transformation among the Bishops community was a good starting point. To date, two deals have been set up, and there are others being weighed up.

For more details of the arrangement, please contact the Principal’s Office (Guy Pearson) at 021 659 1005, or at

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