The Three Pillar Plan

The Three Pillar Plan is Bishops continuous funding campaign. The Three Pillar plan is one that aims to raise capital and invest the funds as an endowmwent to generate interest with which to build the Bishops of the future. The campaign has three pillars that need financial support - People, Projects and Programmes.

The People Pillar embodies the concept of “Investment in human excellence” and is aimed at Staff, Scholarships & Bursaries. We have defined clear objectives for all funds: For example the Academic Bursary fund aim is to increase the number of bursaries from the current three to six per year per grade - a total of 30. The People Pillar funds will be invested in perpetuity so that the return on capital will generate the required income stream securing Bishop’s future.

The Project Pillar - “Being able to offer world class facilities and opportunities” includes the faith in action outreach projects and more bricks and mortar plans such as the Rick Skeeles Pavilion and a Bishops clubhouse. These are long-term capital projects that will take effect as the specific project funds become available.

The Programmes Pillar – The programmes included here are building up the General Endowment Fund which will produce an income which can be directed to special needs as and when they appear. Another specific programme is building up a fund called the Staff Salary Augmentation Fund, the interest from which will provide income which can be directly applied to augmenting staff salaries so that the school can both attract and maintain staff of the highest calibre. The third main programme is building a culture of legacies and bequests, by inviting people to include Bishops in their Wills.


Of these three pillars, the first area that has been identified as the most significant to the whole school programme is Scholarships. The funding of scholarships will create a pillar of support which will have far-reaching and enduring benefits for both school and pupils. For Scholarships therefore we invite boys of exceptional talent in Academic, Sports or Music into the Bishops family to strengthen and to further boost our reputation as a centre of excellence.

This is an admirable feature of most independent schools and we support bursary funding. Bursaries are awarded to boys who would not otherwise be able to attend the school, whose families are experiencing financial difficulties. A vital part of this pillar is the OD Bursary fund which aims to assist boys of good character, whose fathers or grandfathers are OD’s and would like to continue the tradition but cannot find the financial support themselves. We would like to help them continue the legacy into the next generation.

Staff Development
We are all aware of the vital role which teachers play in the lives of the boys and the School. We are also aware of the critical shortage of teachers devoted to the broad and extensive curriculum and standards expected at Bishops. Our aim is also to offer our existing staff the opportunities to develop their professional interests and areas of specialisation. More than a century of history and tradition has benefited the school and the boys who are members of it in so many ways: outstanding facilities situated on a campus which is one of the finest of any school in South Africa; a loyal and strong family; and a teaching faculty that is widely admired for its professionalism, dedication and hardworking ability to weave magic in the lives of boys in the School. We would also like to offer incentives and reward staff and to attract ‘the best of the best’ in teaching and coaching. Trainees and Internships bring vigour and energy and we need to invite and host them here at Bishops.


Outreach and Community Development
Community relations and outreach has been an understated activity at Bishops for many years and we are proud of what we have achieved. The impact on individuals and communities both in the Bishops Family and in the chosen community has rippled through the School. How our young men discover the future depends on the humanity of all the lessons we bring to them; so we gather people from different backgrounds, religions, countries and races and we trust them – to work and live together, to develop insights and abandon prejudices. We want our students to honour the privileges that they have received, to become independent, rational and compassionate citizens of the world, to respect the environment and to contribute meaningfully to their communities.

Buildings and facilities
The second pillar is Projects and this includes creating new facilities and upgrading existing buildings. At the heart of any good school are its people but, in order to work well together, they need facilities and resources commensurate with their skills. The school manages its budget prudently and invests every year in refurbishment and ongoing upgrades but some projects require more money than is generated by fee income, like the recent refurbishment of the boarding houses. Whilst the facilities at Bishops have improved immeasurably in recent years, the need for further developments in some vital areas is compelling. Recent developments here include the re-building of the new Heatlie Pavilion, and the beautiful Skeeles Pavilion on Lutgensvale, which was opened in August 2011, and is already a valuable addition to the Lutgensvale fields complex.


General Endowment Fund
The Bishops Endowment Fund is an important source of income as it directly supports faculty and students, ongoing technology and facilities needs as well as other Bishops priorities. The fund offers OD’s, parents and friends of Bishops a special opportunity to support the highest current priorities of the School through their annual unrestricted giving. Most importantly, this broad-based support reflects the combined philanthropy of generations of Bishops family who give generously at all levels. Bishops have endowments held in common investment funds and segregated or discretionary funds

Staff Salaries Augmentation Fund
All successful schools face a similar challenge how to generate income to keep the school fees in line with inflation and yet keep the staff salaries above inflation. The best solution is to create a fund that Council can call on to adjust the balance when necessary, as without this fund, fees could escalate beyond market relativity.

Legacies have in recent years become increasingly favoured as a means of charitable giving. A gift to Bishops in a will proclaims confidence that we will be making a difference to the lives of bright, talented young boys for generations to come.

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