Dear College Parents

"Always dare to trust boys, knowing that if you trust them, they may let you down; but if you don’t trust them, they will bring you down." Jannie de Villiers, House Director School House.

The past week has seen a number of significant events which have affected the Bishops Community:
  • On Sunday OD Ulick Brown passed away on his 93rd birthday.
  • The Bishops staff said farewell to Marcus Bizony and Jannie de Villiers at a function on Wednesday evening.
  • The Remembrance Day Service was held on Thursday morning at which OD Tony van Ryneveld addressed the boys.
  • Basil Bey, legendary Bishops rugby coach and teacher, died on Thursday morning.
In my message to the boys this morning in assembly, I reflected on these events and hopefully they will have drawn inspiration from the lives and example of those people who have learnt and taught here. (See attachment).

I thought parents would be interested in an extract from the speech made by Marcus Bizony in his farewell speech. Marcus arrived at Bishops in 1984 and has taught here for 33 years:

"But I do want, at the risk of holding the stage too long, to tell you about one especially good moment. I arrived at school a little early, so mine was the only car trying to park outside the chapel. The sun was already shining, the roses were in full bloom and there was organ music coming from the chapel. The Composers’ Concert had been the night before, and I was still on a high from that; we were going to do some Olympiad work later that day. As I stepped out of my car I was excited, because I would be fulfilling a significant role in the organisation, working with a whole bunch of talented adults and boys, engaged with something (maths) that I loved, and if I were to send a photograph of my parking space to anyone in England they would gasp with envy."

Have a wonderful weekend.

Yours sincerely
Guy Pearson