Dear College Parents

"Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no-one alive who is youer than you!".: Dr Seuss.

It has been a very busy fortnight as we lead up to one of the highlights of the year, the inter-house sports day which is to be held tomorrow. The boys have had to juggle many different balls as they manage their very busy programme, but that is Bishops! Last week we had a wonderful Welcoming Service in our Chapel where we formally inducted our new Grade 8s into the College. This is a very important “rite of passage” and mirrors the Valedictory Service for Matrics which they will enjoy in 2019!

As we begin the year it is important to mention that one of the issues of concern in last year’s IQAA survey was around security and the safety of pupils and their possessions. We are dealing with these concerns in a positive way; parents will be aware of the increased security presence we have on the school grounds. We have also spoken to the boys about taking care and responsibility for their own possessions. We have taken other measures to improve the safety of boys and visitors. These include:
  • all visitors to the school MUST sign in the attendance register at the main gate once gates have been closed for the mornings and the evenings. Alternatively parents can request access cards from Eleanor at reception which will allow them access without signing in.
  • the back gates will be locked outside peak traffic hours.
  • the road from the theatre towards the Frank Reid will be closed during cricket or water polo matches because it is dangerous having vehicular traffic when boys and parents are walking in this very congested area.
I know that I can rely on your co-operation. It is most important that we create a safe and secure environment for everyone on campus.

Please see the attached assembly notices which highlight the performances of our boys in a broad range of activities over the past two weeks.

For the benefit of new parents, I always include my message to the boys from Assembly. This allows you to keep in touch with current issues we are dealing with and to engage your sons on these matters should you so wish.

Yours sincerely

Guy Pearson
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