Dear College Parents

Delicious Autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive Autumns. George Eliot.

Welcome to the start of the second quarter. We have certainly enjoyed beautiful autumnal weather in the Fairest Cape over this Eastertime; I trust that it was a special time for you and your families.

Many of our boys and staff were involved in holiday activities; please see the Assembly Notices for details of these. A highlight was the first hockey tournament on our new water-based Astro during the Independent Schools’ Hockey Festival which we hosted. It is a world-class facility.

We look forward to a very full and exciting term filled with many opportunities. I spoke to the boys today about our expectations during this winter sports season. Please read my message and support and encourage your sons. As Bishops parents I would also like you to support our ethos by:
  • Always supporting our teams in a positive way.
  • Parents and supporters are requested to refrain from directing negative comments at referees, umpires, coaches, players or opposition supporters.
  • Parents and spectators are to position themselves well clear of the side lines and must not stand in “in goal” areas on rugby fields.
  • Please do not approach any officials or coaches during or after the matches.
  • In the event of injury please allow the medical personnel to do their duty and only go onto the field if your expertise as a medical doctor is called upon.
Let us all have a wonderful season and remember that in the end it is only a game!


On Monday Father Terry read a special prayer for the winter sports season. I would like to elaborate on this today so that you can all know what our expectations are for this season, which often evokes high levels of emotion

You will know that fundamentally Bishops has always believed in the education of the whole man, i.e. we believe in an all-round education. It is well to remember that we are first and foremost an academic school which offers a whole lot of other activities to meet our overall philosophy.

Sport is obviously a very important part of what we do at Bishops. As with all our activities, it is important that we always try our very best (play to win). We need to be the best that we can be. At the same time we need to always keep sport and results in perspective and realise that we will not necessarily win every time, in fact this would be unrealistic and not a good thing. Lessons are learnt in victory and in defeat. We must always be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. The late Margaret Thatcher said, “The desire to win is born in all of us. The will to win is a matter of training. The manner of winning is a matter of honour”.

I expect every Bishops team to take the field properly prepared and to play with commitment and passion. We need to be courageous, we often play against schools that are bigger and physically stronger than us, we need to “front up” against them and play with skill, determination, courage and spirit.

Most importantly we need to exhibit good sportsmanship at all times:
  • Play fair.
  • Follow the rules of the game.
  • Respect and accept the decisions of the referees and umpires.
  • Treat the opposition with respect and be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.
I wish you all well for the season, train hard, play with passion and most importantly enjoy yourselves!

Yours sincerely

Guy Pearson
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