Dear College Parents

It has been a different week at school with matric exams in full flight, Grade 11s alternating between a leadership camp and job shadowing and Grade 10s starting exams on Thursday. The grade 8s and 9s have continued with their usual academic programme.

It is also a transition period with many boys preparing for summer sports after the conclusion of the winter season and the usual inter house matches having been enjoyed by all.

There are two issues we would like parents to take note of, please. The vision statement of the schools says, inter alia, that we aspire to address global issues including the sustainability of the environment. As a consequence much work has been done around managing our waste and you will have seen evidence of this around campus in recent years. We would like to add to our efforts by declaring our campus a “no idling zone”. In essence this means that whenever you are waiting in or at your car we would appreciate it if you would not keep the car idling. This request is made of everyone driving onto campus.

The second request comes from concerned parents and relates to driving while speaking on cell phones. Please be particularly careful to obey this rule of the road when on campus in the interests of the safety of our boys. Your cooperation in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

Acting Principal's Assembly Message 18th September

I received a phone call from a past parent yesterday afternoon. She said she recently caught an Uber taxi and got chatting to the driver. He was telling her that he had been part of Uber since its inception in South Africa and that being a taxi driver gives one a lot of insight into the people and communities you serve. The driver didn’t know that this lady used to be a parent at Bishops and voluntarily commented on the behaviour of boys from Bishops. He said he always knows when his customer is a Bishops boy because they will always great him in the same fashion: “Good evening, sir”. He said the greeting immediately indicates to him that he is being shown respect, no matter his role in the economy. But he went further to say that a greeting alone, while appreciated, was only worth something if the behaviour shown after the greeting reflected the respect shown in the greeting. He reported that in every instance, when he thought he had picked up a Bishops boy by their greeting, the behaviour that followed reinforced his presumption

I tell you this story to reinforce a number of points:
  1. There is never a time when good manners don’t count. It is in the nature of every human being to feel better when they are appreciated. Good manners create a feeling of well-being in the recipient and so they are always worth it.
  2. A greeting alone is good, but it’s even better when the subsequent behaviour reveals that the greeting was really meant.
  3. I don’t think anyone sitting here this morning, if and when you used an Uber taxi, ever thought that your collective behaviour as Bishops boys, would ever make such an impression on a single taxi driver that it would cause him to tell a passenger who would then phone me and that would lead to this talk in assembly. It goes to show – you are always Bishops boys.
  4. Finally, I tell you this story to congratulate you on your behaviour and to encourage you to keep it up because it makes a difference to the world. You have made the world a better place through your actions.
This week’s assembly notices are attached for your information. Although the announcements were limited due to the time of the year, mention is made of a new initiative we are trying and which was promoted in assembly this morning. Ant Selley was at assembly to promote the launch of an entrepreneurial society which will initially be run during Open period every Wednesday for the next 5 school weeks, and which we intend to continue into next year. After assembly a large number of boys put their names down to attend.

Kind regards
Vernon Woodn
Acting Principal
(Guy is away at an ISASA conference)
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