Dear College Parents

“We cannot control the wind or the rain or the other vagaries of the weather, but we can tack our sails such that we can steer the course we desire.”
– Anthony Robbins.

We have certainly experienced the vagaries of the Cape weather over the past few weeks. The good news is that the weather looks ‘set fair’ for the weekend which seems to be the pattern of late, so we cannot complain!

You will see from the Assembly Notices that there have been a number of excellent achievements by our boys across a range of activities. We congratulate them all. We head towards the final two fixtures in our winter sports with the home game against Rondebosch next weekend – always a fitting end. The matrics begin their very important Mock Exams on 8 September.

This week we heard of the sad passing of one of our most prominent ODs, Bishop David Russell. In a tribute to Bishop Russell, Archbishop Thabo Makgoba had this to say:
“Not only the Church but the nation – which honoured him for his service with the Order of the Baobab in Silver – mourns this son of the soil. May this pastor, prophet, theologian and fierce fighter against injustice rest in peace!”

Principal’s Message in Assembly

The 5th right and responsibility we are dealing with today is: “You have the right to be part of a law-abiding community”. I don’t think any one of us will argue that this is important; the opposite of a law-abiding community would be anarchy, which we certainly would not want for Bishops. We also know that boys in particular function better in a disciplined and ordered environment. Boys like to know what their boundaries are and what the consequences are for overstepping those boundaries. I have found that problems begin when these boundaries are blurred. We also need to remember that the “laws of Bishops” need to be consistent with the “laws of the land”.

At the same time the responsibility which comes with this right is that “You have a responsibility to follow the school rules and the law, to encourage others to do the same and to take a stand against members of our community who break the rules and the law. You thus have a responsibility to report those who are guilty of misconduct.” This is of course the difficult part, the understanding that not only must we be law-abiding but bring those to book who are not. I am always interested when people tell me that discipline is slipping at a school and that the Head should do something about it! While it is true that the Head has a very important role in setting the tone of discipline in a school, it is actually the responsibility of every single member of the community to maintain discipline. They need to do this by firstly taking responsibility for their own discipline, and secondly expecting the same of their peers.

The saying “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” is very true in this context.

Yours sincerely

Guy Pearson




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