Dear College Parents

Welcome back to the start of the 3rd term! It has been a very good holiday and I know a busy one for many members of the Bishops Community. It has also been a tumultuous and worrying time for the world, what with Brexit, the terror attack in Nice and the attempted coup in Turkey. Sadly the reality is that there is nowhere in the world that is completely safe!

It is good to be back at school and to enjoy the energy and enthusiasm of the boys despite the rather chilly weather we are experiencing at the moment - we are in serious need of rain so cannot complain. Of course returning to the school to see the boys totally absorbed and engrossed with the Pokeman Go craze has been fascinating. The breaks are marked by clusters of boys engaged in trying to catch Pokemon creatures! All beyond me I’m afraid - what happened to the days of marbles and spinning tops!

Anyway, on to other matters:
  1. As you all know, the local elections are taking place on Wednesday 3rd August. This has been declared a Public Holiday, so there will be no school on that day despite our calendar indicating otherwise.
  2. During the holidays Bishops hosted a very successful Independent Schools Rugby Festival. My sincere thanks to all the staff, parents and boys who contributed to its success.
  3. There were several other tournaments, festivals and tours which took place and the reports can be found in the assembly notices. We are justifiably very proud of the superb achievements of our boys on a national and international level in a wide range of activities. Pride of place must go to Angus Thring who came 1st in South Africa in the National Science Olympiad.
  4. I am pleased to report that Father Terry Wilke has made a miraculous recovery and is back at work! I know that I speak on behalf of the Wilke family in thanking the Bishops Community for their support.
I would like to wish you and your sons all the very best for the term. We still have several challenging winter sports fixtures to fulfill, and of course it is crucial that the boys get down to some serious academic work, particularly the Matrics whose Mock Matric Exams begin on 5th September.

To end on a lovely story, in 1977 Bishops Prep School went on a rugby tour to the UK and played Dulwich Prep School. In the team was one of our parents, Gus Allen. On Wednesday this week, 40 years later almost to the very day his son Viktor played against Dulwich College for the Heatlie XV on the Piley Rees! Incidentally Mike Bayley was also in that 1977 Prep side to the UK!

Yours sincerely
Guy Pearson