Dear College Parents

"Just as white light consists of coloured rays, so reverence for life contains all the components of ethics: love, kindliness, sympathy, empathy, peacefulness and power to forgive".: Albert Schweitzer.

Last night we enjoyed a wonderful Evensong Service led by superb singing by our Chapel Choir. Rev. Jo Tyers gave an excellent message to the boys and it was good to be part of this special occasion. It was pleasing to see the number of parents who joined us for the service.

You will be aware that last year Bishops was subject to the Independent Quality Assurance Agency (IQAA) review. This is part of the requirement for membership of ISASA. As I reported last year it was a very positive process and the results were extremely affirming. The Mentor at the College was Dr Elizabeth Fullard and in her concluding remarks she had this to say:


Bishops is a school that, at first glance, would seem to have everything - and it probably has although it was acknowledged that there is always room for improvement! The grounds are magnificent and well maintained as are the various buildings and other facilities. The new media centre that opened recently is a wonderful asset that is already being well used by staff and boys. The music centre has been operational for some time but continues to impress as providing the central hub for promoting a knowledge and love of music in the boys. Some of the classrooms, on the other hand, are not as well cared for, but perhaps there are other priorities in a boys’ school! What happens IN the classrooms is more important and the teaching in the lessons observed, was sound, evoking a good learning response from the boys.

The boys themselves were utterly charming and it is a great pleasure to encounter such well-mannered young gentlemen. They were helpful in giving directions and I thoroughly enjoyed pairing up with one young man to complete a class assignment – an arrangement that he accepted with equanimity.


As mentor I associate myself with the internal evaluation team’s report and endorse its findings and recommendations. The process was openly, honestly, painstakingly and efficiently carried out, with appropriate rigour, neither too easy-going nor too harsh. CONCLUSION

It would be difficult not to be impressed by a school with the stature of Bishops and the boys that have the privilege of receiving their schooling at this prestigious institution are fortunate indeed. What makes the school what it is, is the school community of staff, learners and parents and what each contributes to the reputation that Bishops enjoys in the education world. During the IQAA process, the internal evaluation team has done a sterling job, under the initial guidance of Vernon Wood and latterly Warwick Richter who have kept the team focused and motivated. Warwick shouldered the burden of writing the final report, with input from the team members who have all made their contribution. Olga Peel needs to be specially commended for her exemplary minute writing that has been a huge asset to the process.

My heartfelt thanks go to the internal team for their cheerful cooperation, hard work and ready humour. Mr Guy Pearson, the principal, has been interested in and supportive of the process and the time spent with him discussing various aspects of the evaluation and gathering some of his insights on the school have been immensely valuable.

It has been a pleasure to mentor Bishops through this process and my good wishes accompany the school as it looks to implement the recommendations that will no doubt help it to reach even greater heights."

We are extremely grateful to Dr Fullard for the thorough and professional manner in which she conducted the process. As she says, there is always room for improvement, these areas have been identified and action plans are in place to deal with them. The full IQAA report is on the College web-site under the Information tab.


The latest fad seems to be the smoking of e-cigarettes. On Wednesday Dr Helen Muir came to speak to the boys about the dangers of smoking e-cigarettes. She made some very interesting points, the most important of which was that most of the electronic delivery systems (ENDS) contain various levels of nicotine. We know that along with heroin and cocaine, nicotine is the most addictive of all substances. Research also indicates that overheating of the vapour liquid in an e-cigarette produces carcinogens, which cause cancer. Last year a World Health Organisation report called for the strict regulation of ENDS; bans on e-cigarette advertising; sales to minors and public indoor use, and on claims that they aid smoking cessation.

The bottom line is that I have told the boys that at Bishops, possession and use of e-cigarettes is illegal and transgressions will result in a disciplinary meeting for the offender.

We are in a very busy phase of the term with various cricket festivals this weekend, derby water polo matches against Rondebosch on today and tomorrow; triangular athletics at Rondebosch on 4th March; water polo festivals and SA rowing championships next weekend; Founders Day on 13th March and the staging of our drama production “Cold Stone Jug” from Monday 15th March, and so much more! Thank you for all the support you give your sons and the school in all these activities.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Yours sincerely

Guy Pearson
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