Dear College Parents

"Some succeed by what they know; others by what they do; and a few by what they are." : Elbert Hubbard

During exam time the school seems to march by a different “beat to the drum”. I think most boys and staff enjoy the different routine despite the challenge of the exams.

I have a few important notices and announcements which I would like to bring to your attention:
  • I am pleased to announce that we have appointed Dr Stephen Sproule to succeed Marcus Bizony as Deputy Head Academics at the College with effect January 2017. Dr Sproule comes with excellent credentials and is currently Deputy Head of Academics at Penryn College in Nelspruit. He is married with 2 boys aged 13 and 15. I have attached his résumé for your interest.
  • Our Deputy Principal, Vernon Wood, has decided to leave Bishops at the end of September to pursue personal interests. I know that all of us will be very sad at Vernon’s decision, he has made his mark in so many ways during the past 7 ½ years. It is particularly appropriate that Vernon’s career at Bishops will have ended on such a high with his leadership of the IBSC Conference last year, a Conference which brought world-wide accolades to him. We will have the opportunity to say farewell to Vernon at an appropriate time and place next term but I would like to take this opportunity to express the heartfelt thanks of each and every one of us to him.
  • Please see the attached invitation for the rugby supporters’ function on Thursday evening.
  • As you know Father Terry Wilke has not been well. The operation last Thursday to relieve the pressure caused by the bleeding from the stroke was a success. Unfortunately the biopsy has indicated that Terry has some cancer cells on the brain. While this is not good news it is important that we understand that it is still too early to determine the severity of Terry’s condition. Further prognostic tests will be done and Terry will meet with the oncologist next week to determine the future treatment and rehabilitation process. The plan is for Terry to return home today.

    In the meantime we must continue to hold Terry, Rosemary and their family in our prayers. From a practical perspective Gina Clayton has offered to co-ordinate any support which you would like to give the family ( I would like us all to be sensitive towards Rosemary and not to contact her directly regarding any help you would like to give but to work though Gina.

  • On a very sad note, last night Martin Liefeldt, father of Tom in Grade 9 (F), passed away very suddenly. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tom, Georgie and their family during this very difficult time.
Because of exams there were not many assembly announcements today, and most announcements which affect senior boys will be held over until Friday 17th June.

I would like to again remind you that although Thursday 16th is Youth Day and a public holiday, Friday the 17th is a school day for us at Bishops. There will be a special programme for all boys who will be preparing for the Eisteddfod in their Houses.

Yours sincerely
Guy Pearson