Dear College Parents

Der spring is sprung, Der grass is riz. I wonder where dem boidies is. – Anonymous

Spring has certainly sprung! It has been a relatively mild Cape winter and a rather dry one at that but springtime is always welcome with its promise of fresh life and new beginnings. I have been asked to bring the following to your attention:

K4K Charity Relay: 24th September

Kids Raising Money for Underprivileged Kids: K4K

The K4K Charity Relay is taking place on Heritage Day, Thursday 24th September at Bishops. The race starts at 11am and you can register online at Gates open at 10:15am - Race starts at 11:00am - Day Ends at 3:30pm.

This is going to be a FUN Run/Walk packed full of great music, a dance show, delicious food and a large variety of stalls and games - something for the whole family. We will have lucky draws and several give-aways throughout the day, so make sure you purchase your tickets. The proceeds will go to our chosen charities: The Sunflower Fund, The Chaeli Campaign and Unogwaja as well as 3 other smaller charities.

Visit the K4K Website to find out more about what is happening! E-mail: if you have any queries or phone Joan-Anne on 082 442 6545.

Access Control to Bishops

During the next week we will be issuing each Bishops family (Grade R-Grade 11) 2 orange access disks to be placed on the inside of the windscreen of the vehicle. This is for access to the College campus when the booms are up. The guards will then simply wave you through. Cars which do not display the disk will be stopped and requested to sign in. This is to stop non-Bishops people from using Bishops as a shortcut and thoroughfare!

Please note that this is an additional process and does not replace the white swipe card which is required when the booms are down.

Principal’s Assembly Message 4th September

Although there are still some of our hockey teams involved in knockout tournaments today and some rugby teams in 7s festivals, this past weekend brought the curtain down on our winter sports programme. While it was not the fairy tale finish we all hoped for from the 1st XV, we can still look back on a successful season for the 1st XI hockey and 1st XV rugby teams. The 1st XI has been particularly superb and we wish them well in the finals of the knockout tournament against SACS this evening.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the coaches on your behalf for their dedication and commitment. It is particularly significant that two of our stalwart coaches in rugby and hockey step down at the end of this season; as you all know Mr Jacobs retires at the end of this year and Mr Wallace steps down as 1st XI hockey coach to take up his promotion to Deputy Head. Both these men are superb coaches, in fact two of the very best schoolboy coaches in the country in their respective sports. We thank them for their tremendous contribution to Bishops rugby and hockey.

Today’s assembly is very much focussed on the matrics - this is their final assembly before their mock exams. We wish them well in this very important preparation for their final exams next term. We have had a very good year and we thank the matric group as a whole for their leadership this year. I handed out distinction certificates earlier but it is important that we recognise all matrics who have set the tone for the year. I would also like to spend a few moments to tell you all what we believe about leaders and leadership at Bishops:
  • All individuals have leadership potential.
  • Certain personality traits predispose some individuals to assuming leadership positions. All people are not equally gifted.
  • Specific knowledge, experience and expertise allow some individuals to emerge as leaders in specific situations; equally, in different situations other individuals may come to the fore as leaders.
  • Leadership skills can be learnt and developed and therefore all individuals can demonstrate more effective leadership with training, experience, coaching and personal reflection.
  • Leadership involves both inspiring followers (influencing others) and achieving a task (accomplishing a goal).
  • Leadership involves mentoring and being mentored.
  • Leadership involves service.
  • Leadership should be exercised in a way which is consistent with the values which Bishops holds dear. Indeed leaders are custodians of these values.
In developing this leadership system it was clearly understood that there was no sense of all boys being equal as regards leadership. We acknowledge the vast differences in natural ability, skills and experience. Some will no doubt fly as leaders and gain great honours, others will not; but all will gain something and leave Bishops with a greater awareness of what being a leader entails, thus preparing them better for life in society.

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they say; we did it ourselves. - Lao Tzu.

To all the matrics, thank you and well done so far, now finish strong!

Please see the Assembly notices for some superb achievements by our boys. Have a wonderful spring weekend!

Yours sincerely
Guy Pearson
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