Dear College Parents

“If we had no Winter, the Spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” Anne Bradstreet

Spring has sprung! The past few days have been magnificent as we enjoy the change in season. As I reflect on the past weekend I am reminded of what a special environment and school I work in. The Friday and Saturday fixtures against Rondebosch were played in the spirit of sportsmanship which was a great testament to both schools. On Saturday the rugby match was televised as part of the Mutual & Federal Premier Schools Clashes, and I am sure you will agree that the Piley Rees looked as “pretty as a picture” on the day, a wonderful advertisement for Bishops.

This weekend is the last of our Winter Sports events as our 1st XI competes in the finals of the Western Province Schools Knockout Competition against Wynberg at the WPCC at 7.30 this evening. They have had a terrific season and we wish them well. We have several teams entered in the Villagers 7s rugby tournament this afternoon, while our U14s play in a 7s festival at Durbanville tomorrow.

On Thursday morning the College boys gathered outside the Molteno Library for the opening of the refurbished Library and Resource Centre. Gerry Noel and our interior architect, Jane Baldwin, have done a brilliant job in creating an outstanding facility. Gerry Noel had this to say at the opening:

You young men need to be equipped with 21st century learning skills and attitudes that will most notably serve you beyond the boundary of Bishops, the 21st century skills and attitudes that I’m referring to here include: critical-thinking and problem-solving, curiosity and imagination, collaboration across networks, agility and adaptability, initiative and entrepreneurialism, self-regulation and responsibility, grit and resilience. So we’ve all made an attempt to try and facilitate this learning experience by creating dynamic and flexible learning spaces in the library, an academic and cultural “hub” that can be used by both the Boys and Staff of Bishops outside of their classrooms and houses. Please excuse the catch phrase “hub” but no other words can quite capture this concept more appropriately. The role of the Molteno library is therefore to nurture a spirit of enquiry and research, to engender lifelong interests and passions and it is a place to provide digital, written and social resources to expand and enhance learning beyond the curriculum, very often using technology as a medium to do so. And so 21st century libraries, in general, are no longer only quiet places to read, but they are also places of activity and action, where it’s not so much about COLLECTIONS of books, computers and resources, but more about CONNECTIONS of people to other people and a multiplicity of various resources.

I welcome any parent to pop in to the Molteno Library to see the fantastic changes which have been made.

Please see the attached assembly notices to enjoy some brilliant achievements by our boys in a range of activities.

The school values excellence as an aspiration in everything that we do. We maintain a disciplined environment in which courtesy, consideration, respect and manners are central to the atmosphere we create. We strive for the development of each individual boy so that he might reach his full potential and we recognise the importance of belonging to, and of bonding with each other.

The prefect system of leadership has been expanded in order to give all boys an opportunity to experience leadership and thus be inspired to develop their potential as leaders.

In developing this leadership system it was clearly understood that there was no sense of all boys being equal as regards leadership. We acknowledge the vast differences in natural ability, skills and experience. Some will no doubt fly as leaders and gain great honours, others will not; but all will gain something and leave Bishops with a greater awareness of what being a leader entails, thus preparing them better for life in society.

What we believe about leaders and leadership:
• All individuals have leadership potential.
• Certain personality traits predispose some individuals to assuming leadership positions. All people are not equally gifted.
• Specific knowledge, experience and expertise allow some individuals to emerge as leaders in specific situations; equally, in different situations other individuals may come to the fore as leaders.
• Leadership skills can be learnt and developed and therefore all individuals can demonstrate more effective leadership with training, experience, coaching and personal reflection.
• Leadership involves both inspiring followers (influencing others) and achieving a task (accomplishing a goal).
• Leadership involves mentoring and being mentored.
• Leadership involves service.
• Leadership should be exercised in a way which is consistent with the values which Bishops holds dear. Indeed, leaders are custodians of these values.

AWARD THREE (distinction)

To achieve this level the student must show quite exceptional leadership. This is far more than being a good person or a good manager. In this we are looking for inspirational leadership which generates an impressive fellowship within the House and College. This leadership should happen within the values which Bishops holds dear.

Distinction awards are issued in Assembly (see assembly notices).

Yours sincerely

Guy Pearson




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