Dear College Parents

“It is easier to build a boy than to repair a man”

We have been very pleased with the start of the year and the boys are well into their busy school life! Unfortunately many boys have been “laid low” by a gastroenteritis epidemic this week; this has affected boarders and day boys. In the meantime we need to be cautious with physical exertion in the very warm conditions we are experiencing.

I would like to bring the following to your attention:


Please diarise and support what promises to be a fantastic event for members of the Bishops Community of all ages. This is the first major social event of the PA for this year and is aimed at the entire Bishops Community, from Grade R – 12. Please encourage friends and family to come along as well. All the activities will be advertised on the Facebook event page and there will be a link on the College front page on the website.


Schools around the country are increasingly becoming targets for petty crime. While this is not yet a problem at Bishops, we have had the odd incident on the estate. Most of these are when visitors leave valuables, laptops and the like in full view. Please take the precaution of locking any valuables in your boot when your vehicle is unattended on the property.


Today I want to speak to you about School Pride. Now pride can have negative connotations. CS Lewis is quoted as saying:

“A proud man is always looking down on things and people; and, of course, as long as you are looking down, you cannot see something that is above you.”

I am not speaking about arrogant pride; it is interesting that all the leaders we interviewed at the end of last year highlighted the desire to improve School Pride in Bishops boys as one of their main goals for 2014.

While it is true that at Bishops we “inspire individuals” it is also important that we belong to something bigger than ourselves. When I speak to Bishops boys they always express a strong sense of pride and loyalty to Bishops which is fantastic; but what does this mean?

I would like to suggest that with being a Bishops Boy comes responsibility. On Wednesday evening we had a fantastic Welcoming Service in this Chapel for the new boys in Grade 8. This is a new initiative and is a “rite of passage” which marks the transition of the Grade 8s into the College. As part of the ceremony the Grade 8s made a pledge to uphold the values and traditions of Bishops, to honour and enhance the spirit of its founding Father, and to be found worthy of this privilege entrusted to them. They were then presented with an admission certificate.

What about the rest of you? Would you be prepared to commit to such a pledge at this stage of your Bishops journey? Being a member of the Bishops Community carries with it a responsibility to behave in a way which reflects the values and ethos of the school. It is also a commitment to abide by the code of conduct and the rules and regulations. This means that you need to be familiar with our code of conduct and how it applies to you. You should also be familiar with our Vision Statement, which should guide all that we do at Bishops.

You need to understand that this applies to your behaviour and conduct inside and outside the gates of the school; you do not stop being a Bishops Boy once you leave the gates. Everything you do reflects on the school and you need to know that any behaviour which brings the school into disrepute will result in your being held accountable. Of course you cannot have pride in the School before you take pride in yourself and the way you look and behave; it starts with self-respect.

I would like to encourage us this year really to try and show commitment to improving School Pride in another way, which is in supporting our fellows in their extra-mural activities, whether it be sports events, in the theatre or in music concerts. Let us really make an attempt to get behind our teams; we all know what a difference this can make. If we can do this, without being coerced to do so, the “Spirit of Bishops” will shine brightly in 2014!

Please see the attachment for Assembly Notices.

Yours sincerely

Guy Pearson


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