Dear Members of the Bishops Community

I bring you greetings at the start of the New Year and trust that you have all had a wonderful holiday.

I am pleased to announce that the class of 2014 achieved absolutely exceptional results, the best results of the past 10 years. Some of the highlights are as follows:
  • 149 boys wrote the exam, 148 (99,3%) achieved a Bachelors pass and 1 boy a Diploma pass.
  • There were 522 subject distinctions, an average of 3,5 distinctions per candidate.
  • 16% of all subject results were over 90%.
  • 48% of all subject results were above 80%.
  • There were 59 “A” aggregates, (39,6% of the class).
  • The top student was Daniel Mesham with 8 distinctions and an aggregate of 95,7%.
  • Thaku Mtombeni achieved 100% for Mathematics.
  • The averages for Mathematics, Mathematics Lit, History, Accounting, Economics, Art and Music all exceeded 80%.
  • 9 distinctions were achieved by Nicholas Hyslop and Warren Black.
  • 8 distinctions were achieved by Andrew Bodenstein, Ihsaan Dawray, Daniel Mesham, Rahul Naidoo, Muhammed Razzak, Tariq Salie, Murray McKechnie, Lood van Niekerk and Matthew van Niekerk.
  • 14 boys achieved 7 distinctions and 16 achieved 6 distinctions.
At the Western Cape Education Department Awards ceremony on Wednesday Bishops were placed 2nd overall in the Province, runners up to Herschel. Bishops was the top performing boys’ school. Daniel Mesham was placed 2nd in the Province, a truly superb achievement. Thaku Mtombeni received a special award for achieving 100% for Mathematics.

We are extremely pleased with these results which are a tribute to the very positive work ethic of the boys and their teachers. This is certainly a wonderful way in which to start the new year.

Yours sincerely

Guy Pearson
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