Dear Bishops Community 

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to the start of the new academic year and trust it will be a special one for each of you. We certainly enjoyed fantastic weather this holiday and one is reminded that we live in a country of amazing natural beauty, none more so than the beautiful Mother City of Cape Town! 

The purpose of this email is to share with you all the fantastic news of the outstanding performance of the class of 2013 in the final matric exams. The results achieved are outstanding, certainly the best since 2002 and perhaps ever! 

The highlights were: 

Of the 152 boys who wrote the exam:
• 150 achieved bachelor degree entry certificates (98,7%)
• 2 boys achieved diploma entry certificates (1,3%)
• 100% of the boys passed.
• 486 subject distinctions were achieved (3,2 per boy)
• 12% of all subject results were over 90%
• 41% of all subject results were over 80%
• 69% of all subjects were As and Bs
• 5 boys achieved 10 distinctions
• 6 boys achieved 9 distinctions
• 3 boys achieved 8 distinctions
• 12 boys achieved 7 distinctions
• This means that 1 in 6 boys achieved 7 distinctions or better.


10 Distinctions
Nevarr Pillay, Daniel Chung, Joseph Kahn, Ismail Rawoot and Ziyaad Adam.

9 Distinctions
JP Lanser, Nick Cotchobos, Sam Wolski, Keegan Sutherland, Ian Douglass and Adam Smith.

8 Distinctions
Afika Nyati, Jaydon Farao and Paul Ferrandi

7 Distinctions
Saleem Firfirey, Cuan Hablutzel, Young Kyun Hwang, Geoffrey Forbes, Murray Moore, Sevi Steingaszner, Murray Willcocks, Ty Wills, Oliver Marr, Andrew Court, Nicholas Marine and Viresh Valodia.

Noteworthy individual results:
Sam Wolski 100% for Maths
Oliver Marr 100% for Visual Arts
Afika Nyati 99% for Visual Arts
Daniel Chung 99% for Accounting
Nevarr Pillay 99% for Economics

At the WCED Awards Ceremony held on Tuesday, 14th January, Bishops came 3rd in the Province in terms of specified criteria (behind Herschel and St Cyprian’s). We were the top boy’s school in the Province.

The following boys were awarded merit certificates:

Top Maths student in the Province: Sam Wolski
Top 20 in the Province: Nevarr Pillay, Joseph Kahn and JP Lanser

The attached file is Mr Bizony’s comprehensive analysis of the results. We are extremely proud of these exceptional results and congratulate each boy and all the members of the Bishops staff who contributed to this excellent achievement.

Yours sincerely
Guy Pearson



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