Bishops Society

The Bishops Society was founded in 1992 through the combined energies of Mr Gardener, the Principal at the time and a subsequent Principal, Mr Clive Watson and Mr Tim Hamilton-Smith who was the Society’s first Director. The current Director is Mr Paul Murray who is also the Head of the History Department and curates the Museum and Archives. The Society was formed so that there could be a institution which would allow people to enjoy closer links with the school. These might be ex-parents who although their sons might have left school, still want to keep abreast of happenings at the school, or staff members who have left the school either to go elsewhere, or because they have retired. Other possible members would be visitors or dignitaries from other institutions with whom Bishops has an on-going relationship.

Society members get news flash emails of events on the calendar, and there are various school and social functions to which members of the Society receive invitations.

For more information on the Bishops Society, please email Paul Murray.