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Bishops is an independent Anglican boys’ school in Rondebosch, Cape Town, made up of a Pre-preparatory school, a Preparatory school and the College. At present, there are 110 teaching staff and 1440 Students from Grade N (4-year olds) to Grade 12 (18 year olds). At the heart of what Bishops offers is a commitment to a values-driven education that prepares the boys for life beyond school, and inspiring them to realise their dreams. It has a long tradition of striving for excellence in the key areas of educational practice – the academic, sporting, pastoral, cultural and spiritual activities which make up the life of schools. While the school values its independence, it recognises that it has a special role within the South Africa of the 21st century.

We have used this independence to ensure that, despite being a large school, we remain made up of small units so that no individuals should be lost between the cracks. We have sought to remain at the cutting edge of curriculum practice through the extensive use of Information Technology in classrooms and in administration, and other innovations. We have ensured significant growth in pastoral activities, including the development of a Support Unit made up of qualified psychologists. We have made innovations in Student leadership and teacher support for Students, and created a widened range of sporting and cultural activities to ensure that every boy at Bishops can find one activity that he can excel in, and be encouraged to do so.

At present, we are embarking on programmes to address questions of sustainability, to deal with Global issues affecting our world, and to reach out to parents to form partnerships to deal with the challenges facing teenagers in today’s world. We know that boys who leave Bishops join a wide community of people who are proud to be called Old Diocesans, and we know that ODs throughout the world, in turn, remain closely linked to the school and its activities.

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