Bursaries are awarded on the basis of financial need and talent, and where possible, in partnership with outside sponsors. Due to limited funding, bursaries are not generally considered for applicants to the Preparatory School.

Limited funds are also available annually for financial assistance to families who are already at Bishops who are temporarily in need of assistance.

Legacy Bursaries

Following the Bishops 2010 Conference, a limited number of bursaries may be awarded each year to talented boys coming from disadvantaged backgrounds who are either exceptional scholars, or who are recommended by provincial or national sports bodies, or who possess exceptional musical talents. Parents are expected to contribute towards school fees according to their means.

Talent/Need Bursaries

These bursaries are awarded by the school to exceptionally talented boys from any background who are in financial need and who, in the opinion of the school, would benefit from a Bishops education and would add value to the school, funds permitting. Parents are expected to contribute towards school fees.

Compassionate bursaries

These bursaries may be awarded to boys already at the school, who for unforeseen reasons are temporarily unable to meet the school fees. Applications should be made to the Finance Manager on the appropriate form available from the Admissions Secretary.

Sports Bursaries

We regret the school is unable to offer specific 'sports bursaries'. Please refer to Talent/Need and Legacy bursaries above.

If you would like to apply for bursary support for your son, please speak to the Admissions Secretary at 021 659 1014 to obtain the appropriate information and application form. All applications will be considered by the Scholarships and Bursaries Committee.