1. Academic Scholarships

A limited number of academic scholarships are awarded on the basis of performance in the Entrance Examination written in March anually.

Eligibility: All boys in Grade 7 due to enter Grade 8 in the following year.


  • The Bishops Scholarship & Theron Scholarship worth up to 50% of tuition fees;
  • Other scholarships ranging from 20% - 33% of tuition fees.
  • The Hoffman Stempel Bursary, awarded each year to the son of an OD who is a talented all-rounder and who has performed well in the Entrance Exam. Financial need will also be taken into account for this award.

Conditions: These Scholarships are awarded on academic performance only. The Bishops Scholarship requires a high academic performance, but qualities such as character, leadership potential, and cultural and sporting ability are also taken into consideration.

All awards are for a scholar's career at Bishops up to Grade 12, provided conduct and industry are satisfactory.

The right not to make awards, or awards to the full amounts stated, in any year, is reserved.

2. Music Scholarships

Scholarships are available annually for boys entering the school in Grade 8, who are of at least Grade 4 level (Trinity, Royal Schools or UNISA). Awards range from 10% to a maximum of 70% of the tuition fee annually.

3. Bishops Rhodes Scholarship